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What made WISH do this?

Consumers suffer from Wish’s so-called return policy


For ordinary people, Wish seems to be the marketplace that came out of nowhere. With its popularity in the EU growing, the platform has taken steps to increase its presence in a market where millions are to be made from customers who are happy to wait a little longer for their products - if the price is right.

Wish has recently hit the headlines after punishing users who wanted to get a refund of their items. Wish operates as a semi-social shopping platform that gives each user account a rating (a little bit like Uber). Customers have been complaining that when asking for a refund, their customer account is impacted negatively.

What is the official returns policy?

Like many other online marketplaces, Wish has an official returns policy. It states that a request for a refund must be submitted within 30 days of the most recent estimated date of delivery. The reasons for a customer to seek a refund can vary: maybe they changed their mind, maybe the wrong product arrived, or maybe even nothing arrived at all.

Although this seems pretty standard in keeping with other marketplaces and their return policies, it is not as simple for customers to get their money back as Wish describe on their website.

(Wish is often marketed as a “fun” way to shop. However, the fun stops abruptly when asking for a refund - taken from the Wish platform)

What is wrong about the way Wish handles refunds?

Depending on which country Wish is operating in, there is usually a standard when it comes to consumer rights. This standard usually states that the customer has a right to receive a refund within a certain amount of days. Depending on which  country it happened in, flouting these rights could get Wish into trouble. It would seem that, to avoid this, Wish is punishing those who seek a refund by ensuring it has a detrimental effect on the score of their account.

This does not seem to be something that happens only to people who continuously seek refunds. Articles have recently reported that even people who have asked for only one refund have been blocked from the platform or had their account penalised. Wish even, in some instances, suggested to continue shopping so that the customer score improves, which in turn will mean that the customer is unblocked.

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