Reverse image search or image monitoring?

Discover the difference between a reverse image search and image monitoring, and find out why the former can’t replace the latter for optimal online brand protection.

Why image monitoring is better for brands

A reverse image search is a one-time search for an image manually pasted into an online search engine.

Image monitoring by globaleyez, on the other hand, is a systematic, automatized succession of reverse image searches aimed at finding IP-infringing images online.

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globaleyez infrimage

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While Google and other free software can help you with reverse image searches, they’re not targeted towards continuous image monitoring for brand protection.

Our tool, infrimage has sophisticated filters to narrow or broaden our search according to your brand’s needs. We can reverse search one image or add more than one to the same search.

We provide one-off or continuous searches with regular notifications, exportable data and expert analytics with recommendations for further action. Instead of manual image searches repeated over and over again, you get the full advantage of automated, highly scalable image monitoring backed by our experts’ dedicated attention.

globaleyez’s solutions

Image monitoring is an excellent service to complement our extensive marketplace monitoring.

Furthermore, image monitoring is often paired with our enforcement service when it comes to takedown of content on marketplaces or websites.

Based on your use case, many other of our services may apply, e.g. if you want to buy products that we find via infrimage, a test purchase is your best option.