Our profession

Comprehensive, highly scalable and adaptable services, a passionate interest in our industry and brands and utmost dedication to our clients make globaleyez the ideal brand protection partner.

The basics

  • Innovative software tools + invaluable human expertise of our team
  • Deep knowledge of our industry, trends in eCommerce and technology
  • Good working relationships with various major and minor marketplaces, payment providers and specialized legal professionals to ensure quick and effective action
  • Services that are adapted to the unique requirements of our clients
Illustration of our profession

What we are about

Simply put, here’s what we do. With the help of our experts’ creative, out-of-the-box thinking and highly specialized software tools, we monitor marketplaces, social media, domains, apps and images to find any content that infringes on your IP rights. Our test purchases provide tangible evidence of infringements, while our marketplace sales tracking gives an insight into turnover and revenue of sellers.

You can learn how your business partners represent your brand through our partner compliance service, and finally, we enforce your IP rights in all corners of the internet.

Visualisation of software tools for domain monitoring services
Brand protection expert brainstorming and working