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Our brand new brand protection website

globaleyez has been hard at work to create a new website. We have new features, a clean design, and many exciting insights into online brand protection. Check it out!

We are happy to present our new website with best-in-class user experience and a lot of insights into the industry and our work!

- Oliver, Managing Director at globaleyez

We at globaleyez are excited to present our brand new website. For months, we have been hard at work to create a site that’s more user friendly, more informative, and gives a better insight into our work.

The world of brand protection is constantly evolving, and so is globaleyez. We continuously strive to provide our clients with even better, more comprehensive services and software tools. Our aim to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations allows us to grow as brand protection experts - and also as human beings.

Listening to our loyal clients’ feedback, we realized that our old website wasn’t informative enough. While it contained the basics, it didn’t allow globaleyez’s personality, our own brand, to shine through.

This is why from now on, we want to be more transparent, providing our clients, partners, and brand owners with information that will better help them navigate the field of brand protection. Our website, and specifically, our blog will offer continuous insights into our industry as well as globaleyez itself.

Our goal was to put user experience first and enhance the website’s performance.

- André, Senior Full Stack Developer and IT Operations at globaleyez

Read on to find out what’s new and how to navigate our brand new website!

The design

As you can see, our new website features a clean, professional design that effortlessly guides users to the information they seek. Nothing distracts visitors from finding what they need.

Screenshot of Homepage from globaleyez
Screenshot of Homepage from globaleyez

A new design for easy access - this was the mission while creating a new website. Especially our homepage covers several sections with one view, and gives the opportunity to explore more with one click.

- Patrick, Project Manager at globaleyez

Despite having more content, our new site doesn’t feel crowded. In fact, we took snippets of information that quickly create a picture of globaleyez without overloading visitors with too much data.

Our new design is flat, minimalistic and functional. We don't want to attract attention with flashy colours and impressive pictures, but to convince the client with our content. Therefore, the design primarily serves to support the transmission of information.

- Berit, Junior Marketing Manager at globaleyez


The layout of our homepage allows you to skim the page fast and choose the service or insight you’re most interested in at that moment.

The menu bar on top helps you find your way to another section easily, without hitting the back button.

Structure, colour scheme, and navigation all come together to provide a sleek, elevated user-experience that perfectly resembles our brand.


A responsive site with high usability and great performance is the optimal starting point for enhancing our Google rankings.

- André, Senior Full Stack Developer and IT Operations at globaleyez


One of the sections we beefed up is our services page. While highly functional, our old site featured less information because when we first developed it, we believed that actions spoke louder than any words. We still believe that; however, as our actions can usually only be seen by our clients and partners, we realized we had to describe what we do so that visitors got a better understanding of globaleyez’s online brand protection services.

You can get to our services through the Services tab on the top menu. Or, if you already know which specific service you’re interested in, you can simply click on the corresponding box on the homepage. This easy navigation mirrors our comprehensive 360° approach to brand protection: there are no loose ends, no blind alleys, no wrong turns with globaleyez.

The services page features a short description of each of our services. You can click on the one that interests you to learn more, or mix-and-match them according to your brand’s needs.

Visualisation of marketplace monitoring service
Visualisation of marketplace monitoring service

Marketplace monitoring

We monitor over 150 marketplaces worldwide according to your brand’s unique criteria.

Our brand protection software, traxster ferrets out counterfeiters, grey marketers, copyright infringements, and much more.

Visualisation of image monitoring service from globaleyez
Visualisation of image monitoring service from globaleyez

Image monitoring

Our image monitoring software, infrimage trawls the internet in search of your brand’s imagery like logos, ads, or copyright pictures.

infrimage is the perfect tool to find counterfeit products, grey marketers, stolen imagery, and can even help you close leakages in your supply chain by discovering products that hit the market earlier than they’re supposed to.

Visualisation of App monitoring service
Visualisation of App monitoring service

App monitoring

Copyright infringement occurs more often in the world of apps than you’d think. This is why we developed our app monitoring service to help brands keep track of their IT assets.

We monitor over 30 app stores worldwide according to your brand’s unique needs, providing you with in-depth reviews regarding app developers, behaviour, publisher, and content. Should the need arise, we’re ready to enforce your rights by demanding the takedown of infringing apps.

Visualisation of marketplace sales tracking
Visualisation of marketplace sales tracking

Marketplace Sales Tracking

Our sales tracking service currently monitors Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress for distributors and sales volume.

If you’re worried about price trends, specific SKUs, sellers offering more than they’re supposed to, or vendors selling your products without your consent, this is the perfect service for you.

We’re planning to roll out this service on other marketplaces as well, so keep an eye out for the news.

Visualisation of Partner compliance service
Visualisation of Partner compliance service

Partner compliance

Sometimes it’s hard for brands to keep track of their vast distribution systems, which is usually when grey market problems and other issues arise.

Thanks to our experience and know-how, we can do the heavy lifting for you and monitor your distribution system, however large or small it may be. We’ll ensure your distribution partners stay within the legal framework and unearth any non-compliant behavior that harms your brand.

Visualisation of enforcement service
Visualisation of enforcement service


A simple takedown of infringing content is often not very effective. After all, counterfeiters can just pop their ad back somewhere else. This is why globaleyez goes all the way and offers legal backing to takedowns, which is called enforcement.

If you want to see that in action, check out how we helped Audi track down counterfeiters in China.


Our clients have always been at the heart of what we do. All our tailored efforts as online brand protection experts aim to help our clients navigate the sometimes murky waters of internet shopping and marketplaces.

But brand owners who aren’t familiar with globaleyez may not know how we can best serve their company.

This is why we created a references page on our new website, where our current clients can share their insights about working with globaleyez.

Logos of our clients Audi, FESTO and STIHL
Logos of our clients Audi, FESTO and STIHL

We are very grateful to our amazing clients who decided to contribute to our references page.

We thank all our clients who took the time to fill out our survey or gave us a statement to feature on our site like Audi AG, Festo SE & Co. KG and Stihl AG & Co. KG.

About us

Content is king and confidence is key - therefore we do display in-depth information onto what we actually do and how we measure success for your brand protection and distribution control matters.

- Oliver, Managing Director at globaleyez

Brand protection comes down to many things: expertise, the right tools, and last but not least, trust. Your brand has a lot at stake, and you have to team up with the right people to protect it effectively. But how do you know who the right people are?

For this reason, we decided to become more transparent as a company. We want clients and prospective clients to learn all there is to know about us; our philosophy, our profession,our assets and most importantly, the people behind our brand.

Screenshot of About us page from globaleyez containing Our company and Our philosophy
Screenshot of About us page from globaleyez containing Our profession and Our assets

Visit our about us section and get to know globaleyez. Find out what we can do for your brand, and why our comprehensive 360° approach is the best in the industry.


Screenshot of Blog Page from globaleyez
Screenshot of Blog Page from globaleyez

But knowing who we are is not always enough. This is why we decided to also share what we know. Our new blog will feature exciting content like our latest industry insights, case studies, and news about globaleyez itself.

Yet again, our aim is to become more transparent and provide a rare peek behind the curtain into the world of brand protection.

We are eager to follow the developments in today's ever evolving digital space for brand protection and distribution control matters and share insights in our blog section.

- Oliver, Managing Director at globaleyez

We’ll make it as easy as possible to find the industry insights you are seeking. For example, our services’ pages feature all related blog articles to help you discover all you want to know about that specific service. Also, we are planning to launch a newsletter that will offer even more insider information about globaleyez, our tools, and brand protection in general.

This is our new website. Clean, minimalistic, and very informative. Take a look around, browse our pages, learn interesting facts about us and our industry. If you have a question, please feel free to contact us any time.

We look forward to continuing to work with our loyal clients and are excited about what the future holds for us at globaleyez.

Stay tuned for more exciting insights into globaleyez and interesting news about the industry.

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