Explore the wide array of options globaleyez’s image monitoring software, infrimage offers, including filters, data collection, automated searches and much more.

Image Monitoring Software

Armed with specialized software tools, our brand protection experts provide highly scalable image monitoring services tailored to your needs. We monitor images in many corners of the internet, including major marketplaces.

Visualisation of  keyword based search for domain monitoring

Features of infrimage


infrimage offers many targeted filters that make our image monitoring service highly scalable.

For example, we can filter results based on date of upload, full or partial match, source like a domain or marketplace and much more.

We can exclude authorized users from the results, and even add a timeframe for monitoring which is highly useful for searches across various time zones.

Data collection

Our software provides a lot of exportable data. For example, our tables contain a thumbnail of the picture itself, the title, the domain where it was found, the date, and various options like excluding authorized users. We can share as much or as little as you need.

Leaked products

infrimage is a great tool for finding products that were leaked before their actual market release. This way image monitoring can help to secure your distribution measures and close leaks in your worldwide distribution network.