Research and Analysis

Who and what is behind a sales profile? Where does a seller source their products or materials? Who sells how much? And when was a product put to market? We support you in answering these and many other questions using our research and analysis skills.

We look further and deeper into all matters of trade and distribution both online and in brick-and-mortar outlets; and always focusing on the topics of brand protection, distribution control and compliance.

Plan with confidence using the comprehensive information we deliver. In Germany and in many other countries.

Our Research and Analysis offers:

  • Checks of traders in online and brick-and-mortar stores
  • Analysis of turnover, sales portfolio, distribution channels and sources
  • Understanding of when products were placed into the market
  • Research onto patent infringements, counterfeit products and such like

Who is selling what, when, from which source and how much?

Do you know the gut feeling, that behind a problem there might be so much more, things that are not clear at all? That you only see the tip of the iceberg?

We help you to get an impression of the entire iceberg below the surface. We help our brands to look deeper, wider and more comprehensively into problems in brand protection and distribution control. May it be sales in online marketplaces, sellers online or offline, or threats in social media, …you name it.

Keeping your distribution safe from risky implications like cross-border sales, counterfeits, look-alikes, patent infringements or non-compliant behavior is a continuous challenge for every well-known brand. And the ones that want to get there. We support you with research and analyses to determine the size of a problem, and help you to find a strong and sustainable answer to the issues.

  • A background check of sellers and their network, sales environment, and turnover estimations, including benchmarking of sales
  • Sales in online marketplaces including volumes, turnovers, sellers and competitive situation
  • Understanding of when products were placed into the market
  • And much more

What does this achieve?

With these insights, you will be able to make better and fact-based decisions to safeguard your brand, your distribution, and your authorized seller’s environment. All of the above-outlined tasks can be accompanied by our entire set of services, including test purchases in more than 30 countries in the world, online brand protection and online monitoring or sales tracking.